Marom Dolphin New Line of Products

Hello Everyone!

We want to inform you that Marom Dolphin has released their new line of products.

They added many features to the previous released products and made the "perfect" solution to many difficulties military and casual users may encounter.

Their new line of products consists of the following:

  • A new body armor called BA8002 which is an upgraded version of the best seller BA8000.

Marom Dolphin BA8002

  • Several combatant vests for military and training use that are divided into two groups:

Semi modular: BA8029 & TV7776 and Fully Modular: BA8028 & TV7782.

BA8029 TV7776  BA8028 TV7782 


  • A new medics & paramedics bags have been released as well (Click on the links to find out more about those bags):  
    • BG4632 - Professional medical bag designed with 20 different compartments especially for combat doctors
    • PU5111 Modular personal medical pouch
    • PO4002 small medical bag for medics & paramedics
BG4632 PU5111 PO4002

In addition to the vast variety of bags they decided to add new bags designed for tactical needs such as:

  • BG4066 which is designed to carry a wide Range of radio communication systems
  • BG4616 - Sniping bag with integrated formission system
  • BG4506 - Assault sniping bag with integrated formission system
  • INFILED bag that is designed for short, mid or long distance tactical marching operations.
BG4066 BG4616 BG4506 Marom Dolphin Infield


Feel free to contact us at if you have any question regarding the new or other products.