What makes our bulletproof vests better than most other brands?

A few things:

1. Large cover area - Our vests cover in average 0.36 sqm, the entire front torso (sizes change depending on vest size).

2. Level of protection - All our vests will give you the highest level of protection available in soft armor vests. For additional                 information:NIJ level III-A . The NIJ standards dectate level 3A vests should have 24 layers of Goldflex.  We manufacture with 25 layers.

3. The best armor material in the market - we use theGoldflex from Honeywell it is the lightest , thinnest and strongest of all ballistic       fabrics.

4. Comfort - the vests are made with the newest technology, to make them as comfortable as possible for daily use. A cotton lining, makes them comfortable to wear underneath any shirt ,no undershirt needed.

5. Usability- All parts are washable (delicate wash). A carry bag is also available, for easy transport:


6.Warranty - We offer 5 years warranty.

comfortable Bullet Proof vest from the best meterial BulletProof flight jacket natural looking fahionable External Body Armor ceramic plates carrier comfortable highly durable Executive BulletProof vest level IIIA protection soft armor                                    


Check our models: http://www.zfi-inc.com/en/bullet-proof-vests