The Kidon

The KIDON, A New Pistol to Carbine Conversion Kit – Coming Soon!

IMI Defense, one of Israel’s biggest manufacturer of weapon accessories is about to release the “KIDON” – a new Pistol to Carbine conversion kit (aka PDW – Personal Defense Weapon).

The KIDON is designed to fit most of the popular pistols, although the specific details are yet unknown.

From our experience with the other conversion kits from “Fab Defense” (KPOS) and “CAA Tactical” (RONI) IMI may manufacture different versions for the KIDON that will fit almost all of the pistols models.

The new KIDON Pistol to Carbine conversion kit features four rails that differentiate in their length.

On the upper side of the KIDON there are 12 notch and 9 notch picatinny rails, on the right side there is a 6 notch rail and on the left you can find the 3 notch rail.

This picatinny rail system of this conversion kit will give you enough space to plug all of your essential accessories without compromising on your sight, laser or any grip or bipod size.

The installation is very easy and does not required gunsmith to install – you just need to take off the rail adaptor, put your pistol in, lock the pistol with the locking mechanism, and attach the rail adaptor. Walla!!! You’re ready to go!

IMI Defense is committed to the highest quality products, using the best materials and the most advanced production system.

The KIDON is made of the best quality Polymer to ensure that you can use it in the most extreme situations without worrying that it might fail you.

IMI Defense manufacture procedure starts with a mold that is made after close examination to ensure the best performance, then they inject a polymer mixture into the mold to make the product, later they polish the product and add additional accessories and add-ons. The last step is to make sure that the product is flawless.

We still haven’t had the luxury to try it but we will surely keep you update and of course, offer you the product as soon as possible and at the best price available.


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