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Micro Roni for Glock Review by an Israeli Police Detective

Micro Roni for Glock Review by an Israeli Police Detective 1

Micro Roni for Glock Review from an Israeli Police Detective.

My name is Guy Samila, I am 35 years old, Israeli police detective for 12 years now.

I would like to share with you – my review on the MICRO RONI.

Micro Roni for Glock Review by an Israeli Police Detective 2

Micro Roni

Is a pistol carbine conversion kit that upgrades your firing experience and improves your accuracy and distance of shooting. It is super easy for assemble your pistol, all you need to do Is just to click one button and pull up the lever, attached the slide racking part and insert your gun into the Micro Roni, close the lever and you are all done and ready to go. Open the stock to gain a very tight grip on the gun, you can also shoot it with the stock closed.

The Micro Roni is ambidextrous for operating and handling.

Micro Roni for Glock Review by an Israeli Police Detective 3

Micro Roni for Glock 19

I have a Glock 19 Gen 3 that I extremely love and I have been using the Micro Roni with it, the experience of taking your handgun and converting it to a mini rifle in a matter of seconds is absolutely amazing, it allows you to enjoy both worlds of a handgun and a rifle when you are at the shooting range. Of course, you can buy the Micro Roni that fits the Glock model that you own.

Micro Roni Accessories

On the Micro Roni you’ve got 3 Picatinny rails, one long rail on top and two rails one on each side, on the top rail you can attach any kind of sights of your choice, pop-up iron sights, red dot sight, magnifier etc.

On the side rails, you can attach thumb rest on either side for better control on recoil and muzzle rise, to your convenience. The fact that it has those 2 rails on the sides can give you the option to add laser, light or even extreme camera mounted with an adaptor for fun at the shooting range.

The Micro Roni has an integrated 500 lumens light (sold separately) that placed right under the barrel and it is also ambidextrous for operating.

In the Micro Roni, there is a place for an extra magazine to ensure very fast reload and continuing firing. (Does not exist on the Micro Roni Stabilizer model).

There is a one-point sling for easy and convenient use, which allows you to get into firing position with no interference.

Micro Roni for Glock Review by an Israeli Police Detective 4

The Test

So I have taken my Micro Roni to the range, and let me tell you, this one has turned some people faces that were absolutely amazed by it!
Before I started shooting groups, I was zeroing my red dot sights to 27 yards, very easy to adjust and zeroing, took me about 5-7 rounds to zero it as good as I can.

Then I have shot standing in firing position up to 22 yards, the Micro Roni is amazingly accurate, I did some very satisfying groups on the target from that distance, the feeling of that Micro Roni pushed to your shoulder socket and holding it tight and firmly gives you the best shooting result you can expect.

After shooting relatively close range I went shooting a 10 centimeters square metal plate at 54 yards in standing fairing position, fired 10 shots in regular pace and hit 9 of them! pretty good! after that, I shot the same target, same distance, 10 shots in fast shooting pace, and hit 7 out of 10!

The last test was lying down and shooting a 20 centimeters square metal plate at 110 yards, 10 rounds in a regular pace, hit 8 out 10!

Micro Roni for Glock Review by an Israeli Police Detective 5

Micro Roni for Glock Review by an Israeli Police Detective 6

The Conclusion

Let me tell you something about the Micro Roni … It is a MUST!!!

The shooting experience with it is amazing, extreme fun and more important it is amazingly accurate! When you hold the Micro Roni – you immediately feel like you are in a CQB (close quarters combat), it gives you the feeling of a tactical warrior due to its unique design and looks.

To sum up, the Micro Roni is the best carbine kit you can find to enjoy both worlds, handgun and a mini rifle, and the best thing about it, that it takes no more than 10 seconds to make that change between them.

It is fun to shoot and very accurate, the hits are improving even when distance is bigger. Trust me on this one – you won’t be disappointed, you just can’t be.

Go Get yourself one.

To Order a Micro Roni click here: Micro Roni

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