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IGB Austria – Barrel Technology manufactures barrels for almost every Glock Model and Glock Generation on the civilian market – i.e. match barrels, caliber change barrels, threaded barrels and extended barrels to customers specification.

The parameters of a barrel to be hard/viscouse and flexible are not exempting each other, but are combined in IGB Austria’s Barrel Production.

IGB Austria forces the tool through the barrel with tons of pressure. The result is a precise, mirror polished barrel with great vibration characteristic and durability.

The Impulse System was developed to equip pistols, which dispose of a Browning type lock up (i.e. Glock, Colt, CZ ) with barrels up to 42 cm (16″) length.

The optical impression is similar to a sound suppression device. The IGB shroud, due to its open construction, does not suppress the sound, nor can it be altered to do so. The IGB shroud protects the barrel or the shooters hand against burns.

We are the representatives of the IGB Austria company.

The products will be shipped directly from our warehouse at US..
Shipping time is 1-5 business days on selected models! (Other models may take up to 40 business days since they are manufactured by request).

Only sold in the US

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