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YRS-inc is an American based company, founded by security personal, for the purpose of marketing and distributing top-quality defense accessories. To ensure quality service, most YRSInc products are shipped directly from their main warehouse in Israel.

made by the finest manufacturers known worldwide, at affordable prices.

YRS-Inc specializes in selling body armors made by Marom Dolphin Ltd., holsters made by Kiro holsters, pouches, and weapon accessories produced by IMI Holsters, CAA defense, and more.

YRS-inc is a supplier for law enforcement agencies, security companies, and civilians around the world. All the products are combat-proven and in use by the IDF.

Our excellent reputation as sellers is well-known on eBay, Amazon, and other online selling arenas, with over 4,000 satisfied customers for the last 8+ years.

YRS-inc accepts payment through PayPal and all kinds of credit cards.

Why Choose Us

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Free Shipping

We ship worldwide for free! The price you see is the price you get! You won't find any surprises in your cart.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied in some way, just send us a message.

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Lowest Price Guarantee

Feel free to google our products, if you find the product you want for lower on some else website, send us a message and we will beat that price!

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