A Brilliant New Reflex Sight by HARTMAN Ltd.


It was a rumor, a gossip among the industry.

No one knew for sure, many were asking, others were waiting…

Now we can confirm – CAA’s sister company “HARTMAN” reflex sight will be officially launch at Shot-Show 2016 in Vegas and you have the unique opportunity to hear about it before everyone else.

HARTMAN Ltd. is a new and innovative optics company located in Israel. Their mission is to bring to the modern shooter the ultimate red dot reflex sight by using the best engineers’ veterans with years of experience behind them.

Their founder is Lt. Col. (Ret.) Mikey Hartman of the IDF, founder and former 20 year commander of the IDF Marksmanship and Sharpshooting School, trained more than half a million IDF soldiers in his career and wrote the entire tactical shooting doctrine of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Their new release is an innovative reflex sight which answers your any need whether it’s in the Armed forces, Law enforcement or sportsman.

The new reflex sight, MH1, features Angled Ambidextrous Activation Buttons that allows you to operate the sight from both directions

The MH1 uses a USB rechargeable battery and a single backup CR123 battery that is meant to work after the USB battery is drained out to give you the time to recharge your battery.

This sight has 10 levels of brightness – 5 for day use and 5 for night use. It also has extremely large window area (35×24 mm) which enables the shooter to maximize his “target acquisition speed” and allows a comfortable use of any NVD on the other eye.

Additionally, the MH1 also features a smart battery consumption, a remote control (optional), a memory chip to save your preferences and default use settings, dual motion sensors, night-vision mode and more.

On top of that, HARTMANs sight features a durable antireflection coating that will neutralize any reflection on the sight that may reveal your position and is made to exceed the rigor Mil-STD (Standards).

To prevent any hardware malfunction, the MH1 sight is pressure filled with nitrogen gas and is fully sealed to prevent any moisture and dust particles from entering the sight, even during extreme weather conditions.

For more information you can visit the site: http://hartman-il.com/



A Brilliant New Reflex Sight by HARTMAN Ltd. 1

In addition to all of the above, CAA Tactical will release several new and improved products to the market next year:

A Key-Mod rail system for the AK47, Full Dragunov upgrade kit, unique AKSU Picatinny rail system, CBS stock with an added cheek rest and

The Micro Roni:

The Micro Roni is compact and very cost effective version of the famous and reliable Roni, made of strong polymer and aluminum parts and features a Picatinny rails for extra accessories like its bigger brother.

We believe that 2016 will be very exciting year for CAA & HARTMAN and we are looking forward for the new products. We will keep you updated with information, release dates and the availability of the products.

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