Review: Micro Roni for Glock with 16 Inch IGB Barrel (No Tax Stamp!)

Review: Micro Roni for Glock with 16 Inch IGB Barrel (No Tax Stamp!) 1

CAA Micro Roni Glock Carbine Conversion kit with IGB 16 inch Barrel Review

By Pacific TacWest

So you want a 9mm carbine? Great option and ammo is cheap…at least for now. Well, if you have a Glock pistol, there are several aftermarket products available to convert your pistol into a 9mm carbine. However, in most cases, the options require you to go through tedious NFA process if you live in the United States of America.

Review: Micro Roni for Glock with 16 Inch IGB Barrel (No Tax Stamp!) 2

IGB 16″ Barrel for Glock

But thanks to another Austrian-made product, there is a solution that allows you to convert your Glock pistol into a carbine without filing for your SBR Tax Stamp. I’m talking about the 16” drop in barrel from IGB for the Glock 17. IGB makes their barrels in-house using the highest grade European steel. Through a plasma hardening procedure known as plasma nitration, these barrels have a dark grey finish that is corrosion resistant and close to diamond hardness. This results in a barrel that will last through many, many rounds.

Review: Micro Roni for Glock with 16 Inch IGB Barrel (No Tax Stamp!) 3

CAA Micro Roni for Glock with IGB 16 inch Barrel (No Tax Stamp!)

Adding this barrel in conjunction with the Micro Roni Carbine conversion kit by CAA, you can take your existing pistol and convert it to a fully functioning 9mm carbine without having to file for a tax stamp. This provides you the opportunity to take your Micro Roni Carbine, get out to the range, and enjoy shooting it versus the waiting period for the ATF to approve a stamp for something that you likely already underwent a background check to own. Government bureaucracy at its best.

Range Test Review of the Micro Roni for Glock with IGB 16″ Barrel:

But I digress. How did this barrel hold up at the range? It exceeded my expectations and you can check out the Range Review here:


The picture shown illustrates a grouping shot at 75 yards. It was surprising to shoot a Glock 17 at 75-yards and have a grouping like this. I will admit I am not a marksman by any means, but to have a pistol perform like this at 75 yards, was pleasantly unexpected. This barrel greatly increased the accuracy of this firearm and was a blast to shoot at the range (no pun intended).

Review: Micro Roni for Glock with 16 Inch IGB Barrel (No Tax Stamp!) 4

How To Install the IGB 16″ Barrel with the Micro Roni for Glock Guide:

Installation of this barrel is simple. If you can disassemble and reassemble your Glock pistol, you will have no issues installing this barrel. The tricky part is getting the gun and barrel into the Micro Roni Carbine kit. You can see the how to video here:


Some tools are needed to complete this process and they are mentioned in the video but for simplicity sake here is what you will need:

  1. 3mm allen wrench
  2. 2.5 mm allen wrench
  3. 3mm punch

With these tools and this video, you should be able to take your IGB 16” barrel available at, your Glock pistol, and the Micro Roni Carbine kit and complete your 9mm carbine project. With no wait time for a tax stamp this means more time out at the range.

Review: Micro Roni for Glock with 16 Inch IGB Barrel (No Tax Stamp!) 5

If you already own a Glock pistol, adding the IGB barrel and the Micro Roni Carbine kit can complete an awesome 9mm carbine package that delivers on the range without blowing up your wallet. The IGB 16” barrel allows you to create the carbine you want with a reliable gun you already own.

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