Video Review and Range Test Glock 19 Micro RONI Recon

Video Review and Range Test Glock 19 Micro RONI Recon 1

Video Review & Range Test: Glock 19 Micro RONI Recon

By Pacific TacWest

In the world of Glock pistols, there are no shortages of upgrades or enhancements offered on the secondary market. Some provide esthetic improvements while others improve the shooter’s experiences. After testing the CAA Micro RONI Recon, I can say that this upgrade does the latter. The Micro RONI Recon provides the shooter function, form, and simplicity. Similar to the Micro RONI, the Recon model has a simple tool-less install for the pistol allowing you more time at the range.

Video Review and Range Test of the Micro RONI Recon

The Micro Roni Recon provides the user an elevated shooting experience. Plus, no ATF tax stamp needed on this. In testing this device on my Glock 19, I found that my accuracy improved and that recoil was reduced. The Recon comes equipped to receive an aftermarket sling and flashlight in addition to three Picatinny rails to accommodate other accessories such as optics. On the one I tested at the range I simply had Magpul MBUS Gen 2 sights and the thumb rests which can be purchased separately from YRS. I eventually installed a Vortex Sparc 2 red dot sight and I could not have been more pleased with the performance and functionality of this upgrade at the range.

Video Review and Range Test Glock 19 Micro RONI Recon 2

From 50 feet I noticed that I was able to have tighter groupings vs. shooting the Glock 19 by itself (Glock 19 to the upside and Recon below). While this does not have a vertical forward grip, it does have an angled forward grip, which assists in controlling the firearm.

Video Review and Range Test Glock 19 Micro RONI Recon 3

The Picatinny rail on top is long enough to accommodate not only the Magpul sights shown in the picture but also a red dot sight like the Vortex Sparc 2, providing the shooter not only a primary optic system but a backup as well.

After putting 500 rounds through the Micro RONI Recon, I was extremely pleased with how this device enhanced my Glock 19. Not only was I able to have tighter groupings, but this thing is simply fun to shoot. If you are in the market for a device to enhance or upgrade your Glock pistol, consider the Micro RONI Recon. This device allows you to continue to upgrade your device when it comes to optics, lights, slings and iron sights.

Video Review and Range Test Glock 19 Micro RONI Recon 4

CAA did a great job redesigning the Recon model in the RONI line-up, and with a price point of around $200, I personally find this to be one of the better Glock upgrades for your money.

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