Review: Virimask Ultimate COVID-19 protection mask

Virimask Ultimate Covid-19 protection mask

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  • Small enough to block virus particles
  • Safe enough to prevent spread
  • Ultra-comfortable for all-day work
  • Total protection
  • A taste of freedom
  • Tailored sizes
  • Full specs


Small Enough to Block Virus Particles

From health workers to each one of us out there, we all want to be able to relate with others without exposing ourselves to corvid 19. However, current facemasks, including the famous N95, aren’t built to efficiently combat particles that are as tiny as that of a virus. This leaves us at a higher risk of getting infected even after slipping on our gloves and masks. So, how do we get that sorted? Through the newly introduced Viri Mask! This innovative facemask comes with the one thing we all need to ensure less infection— a special air filter that is created to capture viral particles! With this protective mask, you don’t need to worry over your health while doing your best to help others overcome an epidemic!


Safe Enough to Prevent Spread

This Viri mask comes with special changeable filters that help curb the spread of viruses even during disposals. Unlike disposable masks, your Viri protective mask can be washed and reused for a long time. The filters come with a special environmental disinfectant bag that prevents the spread of all pathogens that are on the filter after placement. Meaning you can dispose of your filter with fewer concerns of the device being an avenue for any infection to spread.


Ultra-comfort for all-day work

You know how mild the strap behind your head feels when you initially put on your mask for the day’s work? And how as the day progresses with more patients to attend to, you start feeling the discomfort heighten until it gets unbearable, and you just want to take it off and enjoy a little reprieve? That is so history with the Viri Mask ultimate protective mask. This respirator comes with a comfortable three-way strap that evenly distributes the weight of your mask around your head to ensure you don’t have to worry about weight during long hours of saving lives. Furthermore, the inward material of your viri mask contains a soft silicon-like fabric that rubs gently on your skin while doing its best to protect you from all kinds of infectious particles.


Total Protection 

When you use your conventional face masks to protect yourself from viruses and other infectious particles that can enter your nose and mouth, most times, you forget your eyes! Yes, while your nose and mouth are the most often and convenient areas for viruses to get into your body, your eye’s conjunctiva can also be a pathway to get them down into your system. With the viri revolutionary mask, you get the protective mask you need to limit the chances of a pathogen getting into your body. The viri respirator comes in an eye, nose, and mouth protection combo. By obtaining one of these, you get a see-through visor for your eyes and capable protection for your nose and mouth!


A taste of freedom 

Don’t you just feel like stepping outside and feeling the cool air clash against your skin? To go to work or visit your loved ones without risking exposing yourself or them to an epidemic? We know. And that’s why the Viri Mask comes tailored to make all these possible! Even more, it helps prevent you from subconsciously picking your nose or smoking as the mask act as a productive barrier. So go get your freedom back with the viri respirator today!


Tailored Size 

A one size fit all mask can keep you safe from large particles but definitely not small ones, which are impossible for the eyes to see. As your mask stretches to fit a new measurement, each fiber that makes it up also stretches, giving pathogens the go-ahead to flow through the mask and right at you. With your Viri Mask at your side, you don’t need to expose yourself to such risk. Our viri respirator comes in several sizes, specifically curated to fit anyone’s facial measurement. With this, you can identify the right size for you and ensure you are better protected from any pathogenic invader.


Full specs

ViriMASK Protective Oculo-Respirator PROTECTS

ViriMASK Protective Oculo-Respirator provides ultimate protection at maximum comfort against:

  • Small particles
  • Viruses (including COVID-19 Coronavirus Corona)
  • Bacteria
  • Aerosol

ViriMASK Protective Oculo-Respirator ADVANTAGES

ViriMASK™ Protective Oculo-Respirator is so much better than the N95/Surgical Mask:

  • Prevents inhalation of viruses
  • Prevents conjunctival contamination
  • Easy to don, can be washed or disinfected

WHY ViriMASK Protective Oculo-Respirator?

ViriMASK could also free people from home isolation

  • Superb Seal
    Air penetrates around N95/Surgical Masks
  • Superb Filter
    N95/Surgical HEPA start from 0.3 microns, but COVID-19 is 0.1 micron
  • Integral Eyes Protection
    N95/Surgical Masks do not protect conjunctivae
  • Larger x5 Breathing Area
    Much less flow resistance and work of breathing
  • Comfortable
    No need for excessive pressure on the face

ViriMASK Protective Oculo-Respirator ORDERING INFO

  • Each ViriMASK™ device is individually packaged
  • Package includes 2xViriMASK Filter
  • International shipping available

ViriMASK Protective Oculo-Respirator SPECIFICATIONS

  • Size: 15 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm
  • Multi-Use – Replaceable Filter


Where to buy the VIRImask?

You can purchase the Virimask from our e-commerce webstore, here:

ViriMASK Protective Oculo-Respirator – Ultimate Protection Mask Against Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Protect from Viruses, Bacteria, Aerosols and Small Particles

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