Written & Video Review IMI Defense Kidon Glock Conversion Kit + 16 IGB Barrel Review (Medium)

Written & Video Review: IMI Defense Kidon Glock Conversion Kit + 16 IGB Barrel

Review: IMI Defense Kidon Glock Conversion Kit + 16 IGB Barrel


Hey guys, GoldenWebb here! Today we will be reviewing the IMI Defense KIDON Innovative Pistol To Carbine Platform For Glock!

IMI Defense KIDON Innovative Pistol To Carbine Platform For Glock

Glock rifle? You heard that right! This is not just a rifle that takes 9mm mags, this is a actual Glock rifle! In addition with the IGB 16 inch barrel, you have a whole lotta fun in a big package!


The design of the Kidon is one that I’ve come to love. The rifle itself reminds me of an AR-15 type of rifle, so you will be very familiar with the feel of it! The Kidon features multiple tactical rails and a heat shield extension that you can adjust to your liking! The Kidon also comes with 2 flip up AR style sights attached by a top tac rail for all of your attachments. With an 4 position adjustable stock, you will be able to set this rifle to your liking! The rifle can be charged by a charging handle, located perfectly on the left side of the Kidon. Once you’ve ran dry, you can drop the slide by either the use of the charging handle, or the slide release that is still easily accessible on the physical pistol. One of the best parts of this kit isn’t what I have already talked about, but the compatibility of it. This kit can fit over 100 different pistols, just by easily swapping out the one piece adaptor! And oh yea, did I mention that the kit is completely ambidextrous?? I really cannot speak more highly of this conversion kit. It is my favorite one yet!


The Kidon is one of the best looking conversion kits on the market. I’ve seen many others that would fit into this category and this one stands out from the rest. The heftiness is this build makes the 9mm Glock recoil minimum to non. The closest rifle I’ve shot in comparison with recoil would by my 10/22 ruger .22LR. The ventilation in this conversion kit loose sleek and mean. As said before, the user can extend the heat shield, making it look mean and sleek, or compact and ready to roll. On top of the tac rails at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 positions, the gun comes from factory with an angled grip that adds to the controllability of the kit. The Kidon also has a Reduced Recoil Smart Shock Absorber built into the rear of the Kidon that provides ultimate stability and highly accurate shooting results.


If your looking for possibly the best conversion kit on the market, I believe you would be more then satisfied with this kit. The Kidon is leaps and bounds infront of the competition and has found a special place in my arsenal. The Kidon System was tested in Israel, shot over 15,000 Rounds of 9mm and 5,000 Rounds of .45 and has zero Issues or damage to the Kidon or the gun inside. These results bypass the Competition and make the Kidon speak for itself. I 100% back this conversion kit and can say nothing but great things about the Kidon itself. Happy shooting my friends!

You can purchase the IMI Defense KIDON at:

IMI Defense KIDON Innovative Pistol to Carbine Platform for Glock 17,19,22,23,25,29,30,31,32,36,38 Gen 3, 4 & 5 and Honor Guard


Watch the full video review of the Kidon at:


Thank you for reading my review and have a great day!

Review Written and filmed by GoldenWebb

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