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a weapon stabilization system for certain models of assault rifles and automatic weapons. It serves as a weapon grip that mounts near the forward hand of the user. The Grip Pod employs a retractable bi-pod concealed within the grip in order to switch from a vertical fore-grip to a bi-pod attachment, when a button near the top of the grip is pressed.


Definition of bipod: a 2-legged support

Bipod comes from the Latin and Greek roots bi and pod, meaning "two" and "foot, or feet".


BI PODS for Sale

If you are looking for a  BI POD for your assault rifle or automatic weapon, you came to the right place!

Here you can find:

  • ak 74 bipod
  • ak47 bipod
  • vz 58 bipod
  • m4 bipod
  • And others

We have polymer bipod which is also a tactical bipod with a grip, view all of our options down below



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