BG4401 Marom Dolphin 27 Liters EGG Assault Carrying Bag


Our Og 27L Pack is slim yet roomy. Perfect for everyday carrying and for tactical use. This bag was designed with comfort, durability and functionality in mind.


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Marom Dolphin 27 liters assault carrying bag

Our Og 27L Pack is slim yet roomy. Perfect for everyday carrying and for tactical use. This bag was designed with comfort, durability and functionality in mind.


Table of content

  • Come prepared
  • Just the right size
  • A pocket for everything
  • Stay hydrated
  • The comfort you deserve
  • Flexibility like no other


Come prepared

It sucks to head out to the field, wilderness, or whatever outdoor sports location you have in mind without all your essentials and favorite equipment, materials, and accessories with you. That’s why the Marom assault 27l backpack comes with all the room you should ever need from a backpack. This assault backpack is ready to house comfortably up to 27 liters (volume) of property in its primary partitions. With that, you get the chances to bring your outdoor gear, mp3 player, tactical weapons, laptop, and any other essential you need. 


Just the right size

Sometimes looking big isn’t the right option to go for, mostly when your mobility, maneuverability, and experience is at stake. With the Dolphin Marom tactical assault bag, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. This 27 liters large bag comes in a surprisingly compact outward look that leaves you in awe and excitement. The tactical assault bag is ready to occupy a small portion of your back, giving you the comforting feeling and freedom you need to be your best wherever and whenever.

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 A pocket for everything

Don’t you love the idea of having all your belongings seated in the separate locations appropriate for them and their use-case? Well, with the Marom dolphin assault 27l backpack, you can have that dream come through. This assault carrying bag comes with a lot of handy compartments and pockets suitable for all kinds of stuff you might need. From your outdoor gears, combat weapons, wears, personal effects, to documents, and gadgets, the Marom military assault bag has a space for them. 


Stay hydrated

Sometimes halting your operation for a nice drink is a no-no. So, how do you get that drink and remain focused on the mission? That’s where the Dolphin assault bag comes into play. This battle- focused tactical assault backpack comes with all the right features to ensure all line of defence, hikers, and bikers have all they need to remain in the zone. With this assault carrying bag, you get a large inner pocket in the primary compartment section that can serve as a storage space for your 15” laptop or your hydration system. There are two top openings in this location to pass your drinking tubes and receive all the drink you need.


The comfort you deserve

Your shoulder and back deserve some love, mostly when you are out in the open for a prolonged time, serving your nation or exploring the wonders of nature. The last thing it needs is another assault backpack that bites into your skin or leaves you uncomfortable. Those can be a nightmare. With the Marom dolphin assault 27l backpack, you don’t have to experience that anymore. This assault carrying bag comes with premium paddings that are nice to the touch and comforting to the skin. With them, you can go on and on in the wild without feeling the need to toss your bag to the side.


Flexibility like no other

Are you tired of having your assault backpack strapped across both shoulders? Do you prefer you could have it crossed like any other sling bag? Then the Marom Dolphine army assault bag is just the right man for the job. This military assault bag comes with its cutting-edge detachable shoulder straps that allow you to quickly and smoothly transition from a two-shoulder backpack to a diagonal strap. With this tactical assault bag, you can always find the right carrying mode that suits you.


Technical specification

  • An inner padded pocket for a laptop up to 15” or hydration bag with 2 top openings for the water tube.
  • Front admin pocket for excellent organization.
  • Two zippered side pockets specially designed for quick access to small items.
  • Outer MOLLE webbings for attaching compatible pouches.
  • Cushioned back for better comfort.
  • Easy to grab zipper pulls.
  • Weight: 1100 gr
  • Dimensions in cm: H50 * W30 * D18
  • Main fabric: 500D textured nylon
  • Padding: A combination of open-cell foam and closed-cell foam for maximum carrying comfort.

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