HXB Fab Defense Hybrid Expandable Baton (Composite Polymer & Steel)


HXB Fab Defense Hybrid Expandable Baton (Composite Polymer & Steel)

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The HXB Hybrid Expandable Baton is a powerful and super light self-defense device


  • Tubular Shafts are Molded from Space Age Composite Polymer, the Smallest and Last Expand Shaft is Reinforced by a Steel Insert and a Steel Tip.
  • Hybrid Structure of Steel and Polymer Ensures it's Durability and Lightweight
  • Ultimately Corrosion Resistant and Flexible Tubular Shafts Provides a Whip Like Stroke Characteristic
  • Grip is Over Molded and Bonded with Non-Slip Rubber
  • Three Separate Sections Expand to an Ideal 22in/56cm with Justa Flick of the Wrist.
  • Folded Carry Position is Just 9in. Long
  • Weighs only 270 gr. / 0.6 lb
  • Once Expanded,the Baton will Remain Securely Locked in Place Until You Retract it by Tapping the Tip Down on a Hard Surface.
  • Tungsten Carbide Sharp Tip for Glass Breaking at the Bottom End
  • Includes a Ballistic Nylon Holster and Fits on Belt or MOLLE System Vest

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