Kidon Adapters - Change Your KIDON Compatibility with a Change of a Small Adapter

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K1: Glock Gen 4-5 Models: 17, 19, 23, 25, 29, 30, K1: Glock Gen 4-5 Models: 31, 32, 36, 38, K1: Honor Guard HG9SCLSMST, HG9SCLS, K2: CZ 75 With rails, 2075 Rami, K3: CZ 75 Duty, P-07, P-09, P-09 .22 LR, K3: CZ SP-01 Shadow 1, Shadow 2, 75 01 Omega, K4: Jericho Steel Frame with Picatinny rail, Fits all lengths, K4S: Jericho Steel Frame without Picatinny rail (adapter provided), Fits all lengths, K5: Jericho Polymer frame – Fits all lengths, K5: Sig Sauer P320 X Five (front sight must be removed), K6: Sig Sauer P226, P226 TacOps, P226 MK25, K6: Sig Sauer P226 Nitron, 227, 229, SP2022, K7: Sig Sauer P250, P320 (all lengths), P220, M17, M18, K7: Grand Power ST 380, Q1, XCALIBUR, K100 MK12, P1 MK12, P11, K22 X-TRIM MK12, K22 MK12, Q100, K7: Tanfoglio Force Police, K8: H&K P-2000 FS, K9: Beretta 92-A1, 96-A1, M9-A1, K10: Beretta PX-4(Full Size, Compact), K11: S&W M&P 9/.40/.45, M&P Pro 5”, K11: Girsan MC28 SA, MC 28 SAC, MC 28 .40SA, MC 28 SAS, K11: Glock 20, 21, 34, 35, 41, K11: EMTAN Ramon, K12: Springfield XD / HS2000, K13: FN FNP9, FNX, K13: 1911 wide tail (disables rear safety), K14: S&W M&P 2.0, K15: FN 5.7, K16: Walther PPQ 5″, 4″; 9mm/.40/.45 Calibers, K17: H&K USP FS & COMPACT 9mm/.40, K18: Polymer 80 Frames PF940v2 80% – Standard, PF940Cv1 80% – Compact, PF940CL 80% – Compact Long Frame, K18: Polymer 80 Frames PFC9 Compact Pistol Frame (serialized), PFS9 Standard Pistol Frame (serialized), K18: Beretta APX, K19: 1911 with narrow beaver tail (Colt 1911 original) also fit medium width beavertail, K20: CZ P10 – P10C, 10F, K21: Canik TP9 – TP9SFX, TP9SF, TP9SA, TP9SF ELITE-S, TP9SF ELITE, TP9SF ELITE COMBAT, K22: IWI Masada

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