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LJPP CAA Tactical Pepper Spray Gun


LJPP CAA Tactical Pepper Spray Gun

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LJPP CAA Tactical Pepper Spray Gun

Lady Jean provides a reliable, effective and reloadable self-defense solution. 
Lady Jean features a tilted barrel and conical spray pattern so when used, 
the pepper is sprayed over a wide area, toward the upperpart of the  body - making it hard to miss. 
Practice makes perfect - The Lady Jean package includes a training canister so you can train at home and be prepared. Sleek and elegant, comes in a variety of colors and most important; non-lethal.


  • Each canister allows up to 5 bursts of 1 second , with an effective range of up to 2.5m.
  • Simple to operate safety catch protected by a safety guard.
  • Compact and durable structure design.
  • Economical- Replaceable canister allowing multiple uses, 2 canisters included:
  • 1 Red Pepper defense canister:
  • Maximum strength red pepper formula,2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units
  • Severe skin, nose and eye irritant.
  • Ultraviolet marking dye- Aids in suspect identification.
  • 1 Training canister-inert formula:
  • No irritating ingredients- practice and spray freely.


Made Of Polycarbonate

Weight (gr) 65
Height (cm) 7
Length (cm) 10.7
Width (cm) 3.7


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