M4-BHA FAB Aluminum Bayonet Harris Bipod Mount


The M4-HBA Harris Bipod Adaptor, allows you to mount any standard Harris Bipod to your M4 Bayonet Lug, providing you with a firm and durable Bipod mounting-platform solution.

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The Bayonet Mount for Harris Shooting Bipods M4-BHA has been designed to offer military and law enforcement professionals a high quality mount that won't break the bank.

Thisimage is the perfect way to attach bayonet style lugs to your M16 tactical rifle.

Precision machined from aviation-grade aluminum, the Harris Bipod Bayonet Lug Mount is constructed to be incredibly long lasting and durable.

It provides the ideal mounting system for Harris-type bipods onto rail-mounted accessories.

For a simple and easy way to attach your bipod, choose the Harris Bipod Bayonet Lug Mounting Kit.


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