Trauma plate for Bulletproof vest or body armor


Professional Trauma plate made out of special light and strong material

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Trauma plate is added to the vest to help lessen the "blunt trauma" bruising (or cracked bone) that happens when a bullet is stopped by the vest. Even though your vest stops the bullet, it still hits like a sledgehammer. A trauma plate helps spread out this impact and lessen the severity of injury to the mid-chest and sternum bone that is so vulnerable just under the skin.

Vest are N I J certified Without a Trauma plate, thus we strongly recommend the Trauma Plate.

Technical details:

  • Plate is made out of  two plates of 3 mm polycarbonate.
  • Between the plates there is a 4 mm foam seperator og GA200.


  • Size: 6" x 8" (150 mm x 200 mm)
  • Weight apx. 0.44 lbs (200gr)

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