2014 Upcoming!

2014 Upcoming! We have a lot in plan for you, new line of vests and bulletproof products. Were getting back into the holster business in a joint cooperation with caa tactical. For more information please contact us Dealers – new price lists will be sent in January 2014 Meet us at SHOT SHOW 2014. FAB Defense, […]

2016 – Marom Dolphin New Line of Products

Marom Dolphin New Line of Products Hello Everyone! We want to inform you that Marom Dolphin has released their new line of products. They added many features to the previous released products and made the "perfect" solution to many difficulties military and casual users may encounter. Their new line of products consists of the following: [...]

A Brilliant New Reflex Sight by HARTMAN Ltd.

HARTMAN’s MH1: It was a rumor, a gossip among the industry. No one knew for sure, many were asking, others were waiting… Now we can confirm – CAA’s sister company “HARTMAN” reflex sight will be officially launch at Shot-Show 2016 in Vegas and you have the unique opportunity to hear about it before everyone else. […]

Bullet Proof Vest Makes a Difference

A few things: 1. Large cover area - Our vests cover in average 0.36 sqm, the entire front torso (sizes change depending on vest size). 2. Level of protection - All our vests will give you the highest level of protection available in soft armor vests. For additional information:NIJ level III-A . The NIJ standards [...]

Buttstocks – Never Settle or Less Than The Best

It doesn’t matter if it’s a shotgun, a rifle or even a sniper rifle, the buttstock is the basic feature of any rifle, influencing both its accuracy, and comfort of use. Not only your buttstock effects the stability of the rifle, which can be interpreted dirrectly to more accurate shooting, it also effects your comfort […]

CAA New Innovative Products

CAA Tactical New Innovative Line of Products! CAA has released a new line of products for the Dragunov featuring DRG-R1, bottom picatinny Rail Ideal for bipods, XDGRL, top mount picatinny rail custom especially for all types of optics and the XRS-DRG, quad picatinny rail handguard which provides a stable mounting platform and allows the use […]

CAA Tactical upcoming products!

CAA Upcoming Products: Micro Roni: CAA will release some very interesting products this year including the awaited Micro Roni and its bother, the Micro Roni stabilizer. In addition to the new Roni, they have manufactured a new line of products for several weapons. First of all, the awaited Micro Roni: This Roni will feature a [...]

Enhance Your Protection – External Body Armor Add-Ons

If you are now purchasing, or already own a YRS External body armor, you are guaranteed to receive the best protection available. However, your vest, like all standard vests, will only provide protection of the torso. External body armors traditionally protect the mid-section of the body only – thus providing protection from most fatal wounds, […]

How to Get Your SBR Tax Stamp

Here are a few clarifications about our conversion kits, and the permits involved in buying and using a conversion kit. First of all, to purchase our Micro Roni or RONI PDW Conversion kit you don't need an SBR tax stamp, or any other permit. Both purchase and possession, does not require any permits. A permit [...]

IMI Defense and CAA Gearup May 2016 News

IMI Defense and CAA Gearup May 2016 News Hello Guys! It’s been a while since we brought you news from CAA Gearup & IMI Defense on their new products. IMI defense have focused on their P.D.W conversion kit, releasing the new models that are compatible with H&K P-2000, Beretta PX4 & Beretta 92/96, Many Sig [...]