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Buttstocks & Tubes

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Our buttstocks or shoulder stock, the parts of a rifle or other firearm, to which the barrel and firing mechanism are attached, that are held against one's shoulder when firing the gun and provides a means to firmly support the device and easily aim it are designed to give the Fast and Stable Shoulder Positioning and Allows Optimal Comfort and Accuracy.

  1. AK Variants AK Variants
  2. M4, M16, AR15, SR25 M4, M16, AR15, SR25
  3. SA VZ 58 SA VZ 58
  4. Remington 870 Remington 870
  5. Mossberg 500 / 930 Mossberg 500 / 930
  6. H&K MP5, MP5K, MP5SD, HK94 H&K MP5, MP5K, MP5SD, HK94
  7. H&K G3 H&K G3
  8. Galil Galil