KIRO SPS - Sniper Precision Stock for AR15 (MIL-Spec)


The SPS is a modular Buttstock that allows you to adjust the height of the cheek piece and the height and tilt of the buttpad to the optimal position for you. The cheek rest can be pushed backwards, which allows you to manipulate that cocking handle when the cheek rest is in adjusted position.




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  • Improves your precision and accuracy immensely.
  • Includes rubberized texture for better stability, recoil relief and improved comfort.
  • Use the fully adjustable buttpad to adjust it to the optimal position for you with its vertical and tilt adjustments.
    • Vertical pad adjustment range: 35mm (1.38").
  • The Stock has adjustable LOP (length of pull) and an integrated cheek rest.
    • Avoid awkward positions and better your scope leveling by adjusting the cheek rest and the LOP the optimal position for you.
    • The cheek rest can be pushed backwards to allow you to use the cheek rest even when manipulating the cocking handle. This feature is ideal for Sniper Rifles as you usually won't be able to keep the cheek rest adjusted to your needs when using the cocking handle, with this stock, however, you can!
    • LOP adjustment range: 40mm (1.59”)
    • Vertical cheek rest adjustment range: 45mm (1.79”).
    • Horizontal cheek rest adjustment range: 40mm (1.59").
    • The cheek piece is locked by a very strong screw, allows you to be confident that it will not move when you need it to stay in the adjusted position.
  • Faster alignment to improve your shot consistency.
  • Includes QD sling mount on the right side and a built in, very sturdy swivel on the left side.
  • Made from Israeli Aerospace grade Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP). 
  • Bottom integrated picatinny rail available for an optional Monopod for improved stability and comfort.
  • The SPS is backed up by our Unlimited Lifetime Warranty!


  • Weight : 731.00 gr
  • Width : 76.00 mm
  • Height : 133.00 mm
  • Length : 206.00 mm


All of our products are protected by our Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. Read more in our warranty page.


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