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Glock 16" Barrel - IGB Austria 16" Barrel For Glock 17, 17L, 20, 21, 22

Glock 16" Barrel - IGB Austria 16" Barrel For Glock 17, 17L, 20, 21, 22

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NO TAX STAMP REQUIRED! it is not SBR. In conjunction with a Glock it is considered a rifle while with PDW conversion kit will not be considered SBR

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Glock 16" Barrel - IGB Austria 16" Barrel For Glock 17, 17L, 20, 21, 22

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For Service, Sport and Leisure Activities

IGB  Carbine Barrels (patented)

  Abb. 16" IGB barrel with removed chamber. Visible are Threading, ports and the Impulse Ring. Fig. (blue) Impulse   Chamber and Allen Screw

How does it work? 

During every shot which is fired from a standard barrel, the bullet powder usually continues to burn after the bullet exits the muzzle. This is felt by the flip and seen by the muzzle fire.

This patented barrel system permits the uilization of a longer barrel, ensuring total powder burning inside the barrel without sacrificing the operation of the gun. Thus eliminating common malfunctions which frequently occur. By implementing these longer barrels, higher velocities are achieved while muzzle jump and recoil are greatly minimized.

Longer barrels stand out for increaded accuracy.

Fig.2  When the bullet passes the ports, inside - in the Impulse chamber - the gas pressure is build up and the gas is then pushing the impulse ring on to the slide.

Fig. 3 After the bullet has exited the barrel, and the next cartridge has been loaded, the slide pushes the impulse ring back into its starting position.

The IGB Patent

The IMPULSE SYSTEM uses powder gases, collected via ports in the barrel and transfers this energy via ahollow chamber (gas collector or impulse chamber) and a sliding element (impulse transfer ring) to the slide. This impulse equalizes the mass irregularities and allows reliable function even with heavier or longer barrels.

      -----Abb. Glock 17 with 16" IGB barrel and shroud attached to barrel.

System Use

The Impulse System was developped to equip pistols, which dispose of a Browning type lock up (i.e. Glock, Colt, CZ ) with barrels up to 42 cm (16") length.

Moreover, these units offer for the first time the advantage of using compensators or longer match barrels in combination with target loads.

Abb. Glock 17 with IGB 10" barrel and matching shroud.

The Shroud

The optical impression is similar to a sound suppression device. The IGB shroud, due to its open construction, does not supress the sound, nor can it be altered to do so. The IGB shroud protects the barrel or the shooters hand against burns.

Testreport - "Swiss Gun Magazine" - Juni 2003

...due to the lack of mass to be moved - relative to a blow back design - the long barrel combination in 9mm Luger shoots calmly.

.. shooting caliber .357Sig is a little more exciting. Somewhat more kick, but not uncomfortable at all - and nowhere near the felt recoil of the Glock standard barrels in models 31 and 32.

... It became a very fun shooting, and more ammunition as originally planned was expended due to the 30 round magazin.

Carbine barrels - Product Numbers by length and modell






prod. no. 16"


prod. no. 10"

Glock 17 9x19 1617009 1017009
Glock 17 9x21 1617921 1017921
Glock 17L 9x19 1617L009 1017L009
Glock 17L 9x21 1617l921 1017l921
Glock 19 9x19 ----- 1019009
Glock 19 9x21 ----- 1019921
Glock 20 10 Auto 1620010 1020010
Glock 21 45 ACP 1621045 1021045
Glock 21 10 Auto 1621010 1021010
Glock 22 40 S&W 1622040 1022040
Glock 22 357 Sig 1622357 1022357
Glock 22 9x19 1622009 1022009
Glock 22 9x21 1622921 1022921
Glock 23 357 Sig ----- 1023357
Glock 23 40 S&W ----- 1023040
Glock 23 9x19 ----- 1023009 

Delivery contains:

  • IGB Barrel (2)
  • Impulse Chamber (1)
  • Impuls ring(3)
  • Allen Key

You may visit our IGB FAQ page for more information: General Information About IGB Barrels

About the Company:

Pistol shooting is a top level sport

Major advantage gives a precision match barrel, which differs from the original barrel by best fitting, special profils and last, but not least , by high end steel material of high viscosity. In contrast to stainless - high end steel with special hardening preserves the viscosity and life time of a barrel. No broken ramps, no cracking of cartridge housings. Lasting best results.

Standard was yesterday... Barrel Technology by IGB Austria is the TODAY.

IGB Austria

State-of-the-Art - Barrel Technology 
from Austria

IGB barrel profile - hexagonal : polygonal

IGB Austria with its in-house blank production combines both of two worlds. The conventional field-groove profile is used for best control of bullets or lead bullets. If you have a closer look at the profile you find the angle between groove-to-field to be similar to polygon (60°) with slightly rounded edges. For this reason IGB barrels are having a longer life time and are more cleaning friendly than others.

Cold Forged Steel

Unsurpassed density. Hard on the surface, "soft" inside. The parameters of a barrel to be hard/viscouse and flexible are not exempting each other, but are combined in IGB Austrias Barrel Production. IGB Austria forces the tool through the barrel with tons of pressure. The result is a precise, mirror polished barrel with great vibration characteristic and durability.

Plasma Hardening Procedure

Barrels, mady by IGB Austria get treated the modern way of Hardening - the Plasmanitration. Diamond hard smooth surfacees without the known weaknesses of the tenifer process (loss of material flakes on the inner surface). Plasmanitration delivers characteristically a very dark grey sufrace, is corrosion resistent and comes close to diamond hardness.

Quality Assurance

IGB Austria works with special in-house adapted machinery to insure best quality and precision. IGB Barrel - even if they are sold as drop in will always go to the edge of best fitting. Tolerances are kept tight and optimized to shooters needs. 


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