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black friday 2018 IGB Barrels 40 OFF IGB Barrels Special Deal - Standard, Fluted, Threaded

What’s an IGB Barrel?

IGB barrels are Austrian made barrels that come in a variety of lengths. The barrels are made for a wide variety of firearms including Glocks, 1911s, HKs, and SIGs.

The wide variety of barrels offer a number of features including threaded and compensator options. These barrels take less than a minute to install and are all drop in barrels with no permanent modifications made to your firearm.

IGB barrels are premium made barrels and are button rifled for excellent durability and stability. IGB designs, manufactures, and tests their barrels in house.

The barrels are made from premium European steel that results in a dense and hard external surface. The barrels are finished with a plasma hardening procedure that is superior to tenifer. It’s long lasting, smoother, and gives the barrel an extremely high level of rust resistance.

It won’t chip and flake like tenifer finishes. If you believe it’s what’s on the inside that that counts then you’ll be excited by IGB’s barrels.

The bore is button rifled which offers numerous advantages over traditional cut rifling. Button rifling is applied by a ‘button’ that is pushed through the barrel.

The button doesn’t carve the rifling but imprints it into the bore. The ‘button’ hardens and smooths the bore as it’s pushed through. It’s important to remember it only hardens the lands and grooves. The lands and grooves are the high-stress areas in a barrel. This gives the rifling and therefore the barrel a longer service life. This leaves the rest of IGB’s barrel soft on the inside. The soft inside allows the barrel to retain its natural barrel harmonics which enhances its overall accuracy.

The ‘button’ leaves behind a super smooth finish inside the barrel, which will also enhance accuracy. Button rifling leads to a superior bore, and it’s a known fact that button rifling is used in most world record holding guns. IGB barrels will function without issue with both jacketed and lead ammunition.

You can read the full press release here: IGB Barrels Press Release

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