KIRO RBG15 - Rubberized Battle Grip for AR15 with Beavertail & Sealed Compartment


The RBG15 is high rubberized textured grip with one finger groove, a perfect grip upgrade for standard AR platform rifles. It improves trigger operation, reduces wrist fatigue and develops smooth rifle control. Equipped Highly water resistant storage compartment with tight-sealing hinged door, an excellent choice for shooters who prefer a smaller grip circumference.

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  • Made to aid with achieving a better, tighter grip with the rifle which will improve your accuracy.
  • Improves trigger operation, rapid fire control, recoil mitigation and overall rifle control.
  • Provides an extended length of pull and added protection thanks to its Beavertail
  • Reduces wrist fatigue that causes reduced performance while shooting.
  • Highly water resistant storage compartment for your convenience.
  • Includes rubberized texture and one finger groove for better stability and improved comfort.
  • Made from Israeli Aerospace grade Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP).


  • Weight : 100.00 gr
  • Width : 33.70 mm
  • Height : 118.90 mm
  • Length : 79.90 mm

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