KIRO Skeletor 12 - Rapid Loading 20 Round Drum Magazine for AR12 & 12GA Turkish Style 1919 Shotguns


The Skeletor 12 is a 20 round drum magazine with a rapid loading mechanism for AR12 & 12GA Turkish style 1919 shotguns and many more. It's made of steel and Polymer; This drum magazine will last you a lifetime. In addition to all this, the skeletor is backed up by our Unlimited Lifetime Warranty!

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The KIRO Skeletor-12 is a rugged 20 Round 12ga drum magazine with a *Patented* spring release system. With its unique skeletonized design, it boasts the lowest weight by a high margin for a 12ga drum magazine. Being lightweight, it reduces fatigue and allows for faster target acquisition and better accuracy. Its innovative rapid loading mechanism allows users to “drop” the 12ga rounds inside the magazine. It makes it the fastest and easiest drum magazine in terms of reloading.


  • Patented spring release system for easy & quick loading.
  • Long Spring life due to the spring release mechanism.
  • Lightest drum mag on the market - only 1.1kg / 2.3lbs.
  • Carbon steel feed tower.
  • Tested for high durability and reliability.
  • Made of Steel and Polymer.


  • Compatible with Almost all Turkish-made magazine-fed shotguns.
  • Tested to work with: G-Force Firearms, Typhoon Defense, Black Aces, Radikal NK and MK series, Ria Imports, Bora Arms, Barak Arms, Panzer Arms, Aksa, Tokarev, SDS Imports, Husan.

NOT Compatible with Saiga.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Width: 18cm
  • Height: 27cm
  • Depth: 14cm
  • Weight: 1.1kg / 2.3lbs


Please read and follow all instructions carfully:

Step 1

KIRO Skeletor 12 - Rapid Loading 20 Round Drum Magazine for AR12 & 12GA Turkish Style 1919 Shotguns 16

Make sure the main spring is not under tension:
Depress center button to release spring tension.

Step 2

KIRO Skeletor 12 - Rapid Loading 20 Round Drum Magazine for AR12 & 12GA Turkish Style 1919 Shotguns 17

Feed the drum with shells properly.
Wind the latch clockwise to reduce the tension
for easy feeding

Step 2 - Full Capacity Loading

KIRO Skeletor 12 - Rapid Loading 20 Round Drum Magazine for AR12 & 12GA Turkish Style 1919 Shotguns 18

Only be used when loading magazine to its full capacity:
Depress the center button while holding the latches tightly. Wind the latch clockwise about 3 full rotatons. During the setng of the drum, hold the shells with a finger to prevent them from falling because of tension loss.

Loading Instructions:

  1. Load the drum one shell at a time. Ensure each shell is well seated in the feed lips.
  2. Press down and hold the shell in place while you load the next shell.
  3. Once your drum is loaded, lock your bolt to the rear and engage the safety.
  4. Insert the drum into the magazine well and ensure you have a good lock. The drum will break in and become much easier to load after 4-5 iterations.
  5. Point the shotgun down range and release the bolt. Ensure you have a good feed on the first round in the chamber.
  6. You’re ready to fire! Range Safety Rules Always Apply!

General Firearm Safety:

A firearm is capable of discharging when the magazine is removed. Always check the chamber to make sure that there is no shell left in the chamber. Never hand cycle live ammunition through a firearm. Firearm safety is the sole responsibility of the shooter. Always treat firearms as if they are loaded. Never point firearms at a person or pet, even if you think it is unloaded. This instructional manual describes the proper use of the product and is for injury prevention. The user must read and follow this instruction. The warraniees and liability established by KIRO on the product will be voided if the product is not used in accordance with the instructions of the manual.


  • The drum magazine should always be stored with the main spring tension released. Depress the center buton to make sure tension is released.
  • Last round hold open will not function using this magazine on AR12 and MKA 1919 platforms.
  • Use only 2¾” Shells Over 1200 fps


All of our products are protected by our Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. Read more in our warranty page.

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