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For small pets and children too young for a child?s gas mask (under 18 months), this protective enclosure seals hermetically and provides potentially life-saving protection from toxic contaminants, bacterial agents, and dangerous radioactive exposure?working effectively as an infant gas mask in extreme situations. Originally designed for the children and grandchildren of high-ranking dignitaries and military officials, the KZD6 is the only protective solution of its kind, and it is now available to the public?exclusively?through MIRA Safety.


The KZD6 Enclosure is designed to protect babies and small animals:

Children?? Up to 18 months

Pets?? Less than 30 lb


Designed to protect babies and pets against:

Poisonous substances, biological aerosols, radioactive dust, iodine radionuclides and its organic compounds, aerosols (dust, fog, fume).


Key Features of the KZD6 Protective Enclosure

  • Dual-layer rubberized fabric construction for lightweight portability and maximum durability
  • Features two filtration ports for minimal resistance and easier breathing
  • Two small windows allow you to keep an eye on the baby or animal
  • Reinforcing metal frame that?s built to last
  • Comes with interior pockets to store baby bottles or food
  • Mitten insert allows you to feed / care for the baby or animal
  • Features a shoulder carry strap for easy transport
  • Polyethylene cape protects enclosure from dangerous precipitation
  • Shipped with extra shell material for repairs
  • Can fit a single dog or up to two medium-sized cats
  • Can be mounted on stroller, wagon, or sled for easy transport
  • Quality-control tested by officials from the Russian Federation?s Ministry of Defense for superior reliability
  • Offers up to 6 hours of protection from toxic contaminants and radioactive particulates in a hermetically-sealed chamber
  • Folds into compact shape for easy storage
  • 10-year shelf life


Technical Specification

Practically?no one?is more at risk from airborne contaminants and radioactive fallout than babies and small children. Because their young bodies are still growing and developing, they?re susceptible to rapid accumulation of radioactive iodine (I-131) that commonly leads to thyroid cancer in the aftermath of a major nuclear event. They?re equally at risk of major pulmonary/respiratory diseases due to the fact that their lungs are still developing.

Likewise pets and small animals are at risk because they lick their skin and often get food or water from outdoor sources. Many dogs and cats in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, for example, still have major radiation-related issues, even decades and generations after the meltdown.

Yet, due to their small size, typical respirators and gas masks are not a functional protection solution. That?s where the KZD-6 protective enclosure and infant gas mask / baby respirator comes in ?

Originally designed in 1985 as a solution for the children and grandchildren of top-ranking Soviet officials, this child respirator acts like a hermetically-sealed chamber?not unlike an incubator?that filters out airborne contaminants, toxic gases, and radioactive fallout.

Combining a durable metal frame with dual-layer rubberized fabric construction (the same type used for modern HAZMAT suits) and a rugged shoulder strap, the KZD-6 baby gas mask can fit one baby, one small dog (30 lbs. or less) or up to two small/medium-sized cats for up to six hours while you transport them to a safer location.

Engineered to meet the needs of pets and babies, this infant / animal gas mask comes with dual viewports for keeping an eye on the baby/pet inside and a lined hand insert to feed or tend to the child or pet while they?re inside the enclosure.

It?s also designed with two oversized filtration ports that filter dangerous contaminants out of the incoming air while allowing carbon dioxide to exit instead of accumulating?all while minimizing resistance for easy breathing.

The enclosure itself stores flat and affixes to the metal frame via simple tiedowns for quick and easy setup.

Designed to be worn over the shoulder with the included strap for maximum portability, the enclosure can also be mounted on a stroller, sled, or wagon for easy transport. The enclosure can also be transported safely via car or bus without having to remove the baby/animal from inside.

Before using, place a blanket, mattress or pad inside for the comfort of the baby/animal. Interior pockets have plenty of space for bottles, diapers, toys, and more.

The KZD-6 works as a child respirator, dog gas mask or cat gas mask and seals with a simple and easy-to-use clip and is designed for a single use in case of major emergency.


Remember that the unit will be 3-5?? (5.4 - 9?F) hotter than the ambient temperature.

The enclosure/infant gas mask will arrive with a layer of talcum powder applied to maximize shelf life. Be sure to wipe out the talcum powder with a wet cloth before use.

Since the unit is constructed of rubberized fabric, it can easily be scratched or punctured. MIRA Safety recommends trimming your cat?s claws before placing them inside. For maximum protection, cover your cat?s claws before putting them inside.

The maximum duration a baby should be kept in the KZD-6 enclosure depends on the ambient?outside temperature:

Outside air temp: -20 to -15?? / -4 to 5?F 0.5 hour
Outside air temp: -15 to -10?? / 5 to 14?F 1?hour
Outside air temp: -10 to 25?? / 14 to 77?F 6?hours
Outside air temp: 26 to 30?? / 78.8 to 86?F 3 hours
Outside air temp: 30 to 33?? / 86 to 91.4?F 2?hours
Outside air temp: 33 to 34?? / 91.4 to 93.3?F 1.5?hours
Outside air temp: 34 to 35?? / 93.2 to 95?F 0.5?hour


Heat packs, warm bottles, and ice packs can be used to regulate temperature for greater comfort, but you should keep a close eye on your baby/animal while they?re inside.

Please note that the KZD-6 protective enclosure does not offer protection against ammonia and other organic vapors/gases that have a boiling point of less than 65?C (e.g. methane, ethane, acetylene, ethylene oxide, isobutane, etc.), carbon monoxide, or nitrogen oxides.

Carefully inspect your KZD-6 enclosure prior to use. Ensure the unit is still sealed from the elements, including the hand insert, corners, and edges. Remember that MIRA Safety offers free returns and exchanges, so if you have?any?issues with your purchase, just let us know.



This KZD-6 enclosure/infant gas mask is reliable, easy to store, and built to last. It can be assembled in a matter of minutes and is easy to transport?giving you up to 6 hours to get out of an exclusion zone by any means necessary.

It can also provide critical protection in case of industrial accidents and some level of smoke filtration in the event of wildfires or forest fires. It works to filter out a wide range of hazardous substances, emissions, and contaminants?ensuring your child won?t suffer any long-lasting health impact from an unexpected disaster.

The KZD-6 can also provide reliable protection in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or when facing a variety of other unpredictable threats. Whether you?re looking for a practical dog, cat, or infant gas mask or a baby respirator?this is the proven choice on the market today.

With a shelf life of ten years, it can help see multiple children through their infant years without worrying about some of the most dangerous threats today?s world has to offer.


Technical Data

Kit includes:?KZD-6 protective enclosure, shoulder strap, polyethylene cape

Dimensions:?44" x 17" x 20"

Weight:?10lbs. maximum

Size:?Designed to fit one baby/child aged 18 months or younger, one dog weighing less than 30 lbs., one large cat or up to two small to medium-sized cats

Material:?Durable rubberized fabric construction

Safe temperature range for use:?-30??/-22?F to 35??/95?F



KZD-6 protective enclosures must be stored in a dark, cool, and dust-free environment free from sudden temperature changes. The storage room should be ventilated regularly. Temperatures may vary between 10?C and 25?C with relative humidity up to 65%. The stored product may not be exposed to radiant heat or sunshine. Fuels, solvents, lubricants, and other inflammable substances, including chemicals, must not be stored with KZD-6 enclosures. Moreover, do not store with or near any electrical machines or appliances that produce electric sparks or discharges during operation (ozone creation).


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