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The TTB Tactical Telescopic Baton is a powerful and super light self-defense device. The baton is only 9 inches when closed and opens into a 22 inches rough polymer and steel rod.

The TTB comes with a tough belt/molle polymer pouch that can rotate 360 degrees, making the product ideal for security and law enforcement personnel as well as home defense.


  • Tubular Shafts are Molded from Composite Polymer, the Smallest and Last Expand Shaft is Reinforced by a Steel Insert and a Steel Tip
  • Hybrid Structure of Steel and Polymer Ensures its Durability and Lightweight
  • Ultimately Corrosion Resistant and Flexible Tubular Shafts Provides a Whip Like Strike Characteristic
  • The grip is Over-Molded and Bonded with Non-Slip Rubber
  • The baton expands from 9" into 22" with a flick of a wrist.
  • lightweight and easy to carry
  • To retract the baton, tap down the steel tip on a hard surface
  • Includes a polymer pouch and Fits on Belt or MOLLE System




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