Romtes Technologies 3 Scoring Zone Hostage & Foe Target for SCT Short Circuit Target System (SCT-C-HF3Z)

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SCT Short Circuit Target System In Operation

SCT-C-HF3Z Technical Information:

Catalogue Number: SCT-C-HF3Z

  • Avarage # of 5.56 bullets (Whole Surface of the Target): 500
  • Weight (Kg) not including package: 0.55
  • Length(mm): 670
  • Width(mm): 480
  • Height(mm): 7

SCT-C-HF3Z Package Includes:

1x SCT-C-HF3Z Target

About Romtes:

Romtes Technologies Ltd is an Israeli-based research, design, and manufacturing firm
that has, for close to twenty-five years, specialised in the development and production of
interactive live-fire targets and tactical training target systems for military and law enforcement
agencies. Incorporating a uniquely Israeli combination of pragmatic innovation, technological
common sense, and born-in-battle lessons-learned.

Romtes target systems have revolutionised the training capabilities of Israel’s top-tier
counterterrorism, special operations, military, and security service teams. These units, among
the finest and most experienced in the world, hone their firearms expertise and tactical
capabilities on Romtes targets. Romtes target systems are in use by the elite of Israel’s
special operations order of battle, including the "Ya’ma'am", the police national counterterrorist
unit; "Flotilla 13", Israel’s naval commandos; and, others units and agencies spearheading
Israel’s war on terror. Romtes systems are also the primary training tools used by some of
the world’s premier Special Forces units, including many of the top units in NATO and United
States order of battle.

The centrepiece of the Romtes training concept is the patented Short Circuit Target or SCT.
The SCT system provides immediate and instant live-fire feedback, making cost-effective
training opportunities that are reliable, accurate and safe.
The Romtes SCT system introduces a new paradigm of innovation and technology, once
used by only a select and elite few, and now available to a whole new shooting world.


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