T-POD G2 SL 2nd Gen Tactical Foregrip Bipod with Built in Tactical Light


The T-POD G2 SL Bipod-Foregrip incorporates a built-in 378 lumen tactical light.

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The returned units that are available in this listing were returned to us for various reasons. They are all in perfect working condition and could be shipped in a different box. They might contain some scratches and small signs of use but no more than this. The returned units are available only in the US.

The T-POD G2 SL Bipod-Foregrip incorporates a built-in 378 lumen tactical light, combines three essential accessories in one compact and lightweight unit.


  • Integrating a Foregrip, Bipod, and Tactical Light streamlines your weapon and saves valuable rail space
  • Designed for optimal transition from close range combat to precision shooting for marksmen and those operating in the urban theatre
  • Transforms into a sturdy Bipod with the push of a button
  • Legs height is independently adjustable
  • Bipod allows slight pivot for optimal accuracy
  • Wide angle leg deployment provides rapid stability, enhancing combat positioning
  • Aviation-grade aluminum, steel, and reinforced polymer composite construction
  • Secured with dual Quick-Release wingnuts
  • Provided with the SPL-C tactical light cover

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