5 Notch Rotatable Belt Attached Picatinny Rail (Z2110 IMI Defense)

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Z2110 Features & Benefits:

The IMI DEFENSE RPR is a 5 notch picatinny rail piece that connects with any of our platforms. The rotation axis is spring loaded and functions as a ratchet mechanism that allows to determine the angle (0-360?) without the use of any tools. This device gives the tactical user a fine solution for tactical equipment storage, light mounting for free hands and more. Supplied as standard on the IMI-Z2100 Belt loop and on a Paddle.

Note: You can get it with Paddle or belt attachment. Pls tell me your preference when you order.

  • 5 Notch picatinny rail
  • Spring loaded rotation axis for ratchet function.
  • Rotates 360? for every application
  • Great solution for Soldiers and Duty Officers as a hands free tactical light mounting
  • Connects to all IMI DEFENSE Platforms.
  • Made of highly durable polymer
  • Available in BlackOD-GreenDesert-Tan

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