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What is SafeShoot?

SafeShoot is a device that assist in preventing friendly-fire accidents, increasing situational awareness and weapon effectiveness without altering the behavior of firearm users, and providing real-time location data to the Command & Control Center of units in the field.


Why Now?

Simple because friendly fire casualties are increasing and we want to mitigate it. Everyone should be able to shoot with a sense of security, with knowing their environment before taking the shoot. In addition to that, you may know that even though our technology advanced to a point where, theoretically, no single soldier should enter the battlefield, more and more battles are held in restricted, dense and complex terrains (urbanized).

Because SafeShoot decided that they want to end friendly fire for good. If you miss a shoot, your partners should not suffer from it.


Where SafeShoot Shines?

SafeShoot is made in such way to allow you to know where you friends are, even when your friends are behind objects and are outside of your Line of View. SafeShoot covers a radius of 900 meters and if you have several SafeShooters connected to each other, each one can increase the range by additional 900 meters!

This solution allows you to use it where ever you need to, be it in a forest, mountain or flat surface.

Know that SafeShoot isn't influenced by weather conditions or visibility, LOS is needed for it to work and it will work perfectly when the sun is out or when a hurricane is standing between you and your partners.

SafeShoot Shooter Situational Awareness

SafeShoot Increases Situational Awareness Without Altering Firearm Usage

Why SafeShoot?

  • Because it will improved your combat effectiveness, no matter where you are.
  • Because it prevent friendly fire incidents. No shoot should harm your loved ones, no matter if it's your dog or your good friend.
  • Because it allows you to take independent decision at shooter level - Think of a time where you didn't shoot prey because you weren't sure where your partner is. Speaking in those situations will alert your prey and from there it only becomes a pain in the ***.
  • Because it improves tactical situation - I'm sure you can imagine yourself more than a few tactical situation where it come very handy. Letting everyone know where their allies are will improve the whole unit efficiency.
  • Because it allows you to coordinate easier between your team mates. In some situations, no words are needed.
  • Because it's an autonomous system (direct HQ control is not required), which means, lower expenses for equipment and easier handling, just attach the Shooter and Defender to anyone you want to protect and that's all.

Because it enables you to TRUST YOUR SHOT!

How Does SafeShoot Works?

Practically speaking, you just attach the Shooter device to your weapon, while your partners can use the Shooter or Defender devices and when you aim, it shows you a warning, in a form of red light if your partner is in direct line between your barrel and your "prey", so, to summarize:

  1. You and your partners attach the devices to your weapon.
  2. When you aim, the device will warn you if your partner is in direct line with your barrel.
SafeShoot Shooter Device

SafeShoot Shooter Device

SafeShoot - No Line of Sight is Needed!

SafeShoot - No Line of Sight is Needed!

SafeShoot Operation Scene

SafeShoot Operation Scene


Technically speaking, Safeshoot Shooter and Defender communicates with each other using:

  • RF - Radio Frequency waves allows the shooter to communicate with other shooter or defender units even if the have no LOS between each other.
    • SafeShoot uses a specific frequencies that are not widely used to allow for seamless operation, cellphones and other everyday devices will not affect its performance. This allows the SafeShoot to be used in airports, sports events, disorder events or any other populated events.
  • GPS - Provides position data.
  • MEMS Sensor - Barrel direction

SafeShoot Risk Assessment Process Using RF and GPS and MEMS Sensor

Does the SafeShoot Support C4I Systems?

Yes, the SafeShoot is applicable with all existing C4I systems, be it Command, Control, Communications, Computers, or Intelligence systems.

A funny fact - trained shooters are more susceptible to friendly fire

A funny fact - trained shooters are more susceptible to friendly fire

What Systems Can SafeShoot Interface With?

  • C4I Systems
  • C2 Systems
  • Other Application - If you need more information about a specific system, contact us.


Where the SafeShoot Can be Attached?

SafeShoot "Shooter" and "Defender" devices can both be attached to a human being, animal or theoretically, anything that moves, tank or a drone for example. So it doesn't matter if you're a firefighter, first responder, police officer, SWAT or a hunter, the SafeShoot will work seamlessly.

Stop making excuses, there is no going back from a friendly fire "mistake". Take what SafeShoot has worked so hard to solve, just to protect you and your partners.


SafeShoot Sees Your Partners When You Can't!


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