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Pistol Grips

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Our modern designed Pistol Grips made of special textured rubber which enhance your grip on the weapon.

The Grips add comfort and proper ventilation in extreme heat and moist environments.

They are made of MIL-SPEC Reinforced Polymer Composite with Overmold Superior Coating which provides comfort, adds appropriate Ventilation, prevents slip and reduces sweaty palms.

The special design ensures enhanced grip for better control.

  1. M4, M16, AR15, SR25 M4, M16, AR15, SR25
  2. AK47 AK74 AK47 AK74
  3. Galil Galil
  4. Remington 870 Remington 870
  5. Mossberg 500 Mossberg 500
  6. Handguns Handguns